Senior Secondary School

Our Mission
Child is the seed in the garden of environment

St. Froebel Senior Secondary School is a professionally managed educational institution committed to establish new standards in the field of education. It is under the aegis of St. Froebel Education Society (Regd.), which was founded in April 1985 by a cohesive and like-minded team of educationists, having decades of experience in educational planning and administration both in India and Abroad.
Aiming at imparting purposeful education to the wards of aspirant parents, the management has put into practice the message of Fredrich Froebel, the founder father of German Kinder Garten namely, "CHILD IS THE SEED IN THE GARDEN OF ENVIRONMENT".
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Sanjay Tyagi

We are a committed team of Philanthropist who are determined to spread the wings of education and reach out to one and all. Our mission is to nurture our students to realise their own potential and achieve their goals in an environment of harmonious learning , where they feel free and confident to broaden their horizons. We want to create and educational arena ,where every student gets involved in deep thoughts ,to achieve that level of perfection of mind, which enables them to reason out things, fulfil their dreams , and achieve what they aspire , with ease. Our sole intention is to constantly guide them, and nurture them in such a manner, that they become normally upright individuals , who remain grounded and imbibe values of humility , goodness , helpful nature, who are caring both to humans and their surroundings. We want our students to be proud of themselves and learn to manage themselves and any other situation that arises under the portals of the school banner, we want each student to discover their own talents , and get an opportunity to develop to the fullest . We stand committed to academic excellence. In this endeavour , we solicit your cooperation.

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Dr. Ragini Kaul
The Principal

It's with great warmth in my heart that I pen down this message for our readers. Education has revolutionized especially in the last decade and with it has risen the responsibilities on the schools to provide skill based education which empowers students. we have entered the 4th stage of Educational Revolution, we are living an era of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, the present education system has to be skilled based , where the students on leaving the portals of the school, are competent enough to handle themselves. The skill of critical thinking and problem solving are of the utmost importance. The challenges are many, but the opportunities are many more. Therefore, there's a dire need to brace ourselves to impart world class education. We stand committed as a team to give nothing but the best to children under our care. We consider our parents, our co-partners and expect them to be involved in all our endeavors.

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St. Froebel
Sr. Secondary School

The school has an air-conditioned nursery wing, where the tiny tots feel comfortable with modern furniture, latest educational aids

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