Greetings !

We as educationist have got an opportunity by God's Grace to serve our blooming toddlers for the better world. St. Froebel School has always aspired to boost the self-esteem in their students to accomplish their goals and aspirations. As an established and esteemed institution, with a mission of Igniting Minds and Empowering Lives, we maintain an utmost academic standard incorporated with the conduct of discipline. We firmly believe that education is the key to a nation's progress. Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, team work and high level of responsibility. This visionary culture has been a catalyst behind every Froebelian's success story. It has been our constant endeavour to instil in our students ethical values thereby making them socially responsible. The institution has stood for its quality and excellence.

Since its inception the school has grown by leaps and bounds. Needless to say, we have come far; achieving diverse milestones. In three decades of its existence SFS has achieved excellence not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. It has carved a niche for itself amongst schools in Delhi. Our vision is to nurture and develop life-long learning in our children within the framework of values that will prepare them to face all challenges in life. With altruistic outlook, compassion and sense of integrity we expect our students to aspire to become global citizens and contribute in making the world a better place to live in.

I thank you for entrusting St. Froebel to nurture your child. At St. Froebel we strive to give wings to- the dreams of your child with the help of a dedicated team of competent teachers, academic planners and administrators who try their best to fulfil all your aspirations and expectations. St.Froebel is marching ahead touching pinnacle of success. We feel the pride that in the last few years our school has become a brand where the parents aspire to enrol their child. Needless to say, the kind of your expectation and confidence that has stemmed from us in moulding your child is the motivational factor for us. Your child is in safe hands.

Thank you parents for entrusting us.
Stay positive, Stay safe, Stay healthy.

Sanjay Tyagi