Special Assemblies

Srijan 2022-23

St. Froebel School organised its annual exhibition Srijan 2022 on 16 July 2022. The exhibition was inaugurated by the principal Dr. Neeraj Vohra. The event saw young enthusiastic participants from junior, primary and middle school. The exhibition was one of its kind in the sense that it not only exhibited charts and models but the young Faradays, Newtons and Edisons demonstrated various experiments while explaining the different concepts. The young analysts educated the parents about food adulteration by showing simple techniques to test the purity of spices, milk, tea etc. Another section of the exhibition "Greenistan" heralded the use of organic products. Maths department exhibited the use of maths in everyday life - Maths is Everywhere whether it is recipes which calls for ounces, cups and teaspoons, skipping extra calories at lunch. Once on board, some common aviation related maths such as speed, altitude, flying time etc. This ignited a spark of practical interest. The section named "Our Weavers" exhibited the varied hand spun, hand woven, hand knitted products. The loom, hosiery and knitting sector formed the largest component of the textile sector, contributing 15% of export earning of India. The other sections included Water Conservation, Indian Landforms, Environmental Pollution etc. Srijan Provided a learning platform for not only students and teachers but parents as well. The students especially did a lot of research work to arrive at the required meaningful information. They analysed the hidden facts, realised the value and power of working together in a group. The students of pre-primary took the visitors to the world of cartoons making them evocative recalling their childhood days. Students of class one celebrated cultural diversity. The colourful wave of Indian culture and tradition oscillated through the school creating a magical impact on the visitors. It was a celebration of multifarious cultures and festivals symbolising the unity in diversity. SFS takes pride in this rich syncretic culture. The students dressed in the traditional costumes and put up a spectacular show with their graceful moves and sheer exuberance. Articulating similar thought the Principal Dr. Neeraj Vohra expressed that celebrating such events in school is a great way to help children realise that despite differences in looks, dresses and eating habits there is a common identity that is human being. She also said this way they also learn to practice similar values and forge a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. The school years are formative in the life of every individual and all learning imparted stays with them for a life time. This not only forms memories but also shapes character.

Maa tujhe salam

To mark the 75th Independence Day of India, St Froebel School, Paschim Vihar organised online celebration. The flag hoisting was done live within the school premises. The chairman Shree Sanjay Tyagi and other esteemed members of the management were present on this occasion. Shree Sanjay Tyagi and Shree Bhushan Nagpal accompanied by staff members-unfurled the National Flag followed by National Anthem . Students witnessed the Independence Day programme via zoom link.The Chairman while addressing urged all to cherish the coveted freedom and work selflessly and altruistically for the nation. He extended his greetings to all and hoped that the world would be free from the pandemic COVID-19 soon and schools would resume normally.

The school organised a plethora of virtually interactive events for the students. The students participated enthusiastically to express their patriotic spirit and showcase their talents The junior school students performed solo dance on a pre-recorded track wearing traditional Indian attire. They also relished Indian states' cuisines prepared at home . The students of middle school sang songs on the theme of 'Freedom'. An inter-house quiz titled '75 Years Of Independence' was organised for senior school students. A poetry recitation competition was also organised for students. All these events provided students with a platform to express their patriotic ideals and nationalistic fervour The synchronised display of the students despite being in different domestic set-up was praiseworthy.

Rakshabandhan is one of the endearing ways to celebrate the eternal bond between sisters and brothers. To educate the students about the significance of this festival, a special assembly was organised in St. Froebel School on 14 August 2019. Junior school students looked excited in their colourful, and traditional Indian dresses. Teachers narrated the stories related to Rakshabandhan to the students on this occasion. Girls after tying Rakhi offered candies to boys. This celebration aimed at strengthening the bond of love an d to instil the virtues of love and harmony in the students.

Teachers Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at St Froebel School , Paschim Vihar. The class XI students appreciated the efforts of the teachers and expressed their love and gratitude virtually. Students sang and played instruments individually at home and sent their videos to the tech team, which synced it together. The recording was showcased. It was a well planned mesmerising show without any technical glitches. The virtual celebration was a massive success and left everybody elated.

Celebrating the birth anniversary of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, students of St. Froebel School observed Gandhi Jayanti by organising a special assembly on 1 October 2021. The special assembly held was intended to paying heartfelt tribute to the great patriot and statesman Mahatma Gandhi. The assembly kicked off with Gandhiji's favourite bhajan Vaishnava Jana To by the school choir. Students recited poems depicting his sacrifice for the nation. A skit was presented by the primary school students. The skit presented had a deep impact on students as it reflected the attributes Gandhiji possessed i.e. truthfulness and honesty. The skit also recalled a visual metaphor of India's famous champion of peace Mahatma Gandhi, of the three vice monkeys representing the principles 'see on evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.' The Principal while addressing urged the students to stay away from vices such as lust, anger, greed and ego. She said all human souls are innately good but when man disconnects himself from his true nature, he lies, steals, cheats, covets and derides others. Truth and non-violence go hand in hand. This results in awakening of soul and helps us to live in complete harmony with fellow humans and nature.

The Investiture Ceremony of the newly elected prefectorial board of St Froebel School, Paschim Vihar was held 6th October 2021with great zeal and enthusiasm. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of lamp, followed by a beautiful rendition presented by the school choir. The Director of the school graced the occasion with her inspiring presence and reminded the students the values , ethos and vision of the school . She also administered the oath to the school appointees. She also pinned up the badges and adorned the sashes. She also congratulated the newly elected leaders and urged them to take up the responsibility with commitment and integrity and serve others with humility. The Head Girl and Head Boy promised to shoulder the responsibility efficiently. St. Froebel firmly believes that the student council for the scholastic year 2021-22 will touch the zenith of success. The ceremony concluded with the national anthem.

St Froebel school , Paschim Vihar celebrated virtual Dussehra with lot of fervour and ardor. Class Pre school students took turns to enact the characters from the great epic Ramayana. The teachers beautifully narrated the story of Ramayana with expression and voice modulation. To mark Lord Ram's victory over Ravan and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil, the students of primary school participated in a variety of craft activities and enjoyed them to the fullest. The middle school students presented a special assembly. They began with soulful chanting of kabir's dohe.The Choir in its dulcet voice sang songs and hymns. Students enacted important scenes from Ramayana almost like Ramleela on fast mode. The students learnt that evil always fails and good always thrives.

Diwali was celebrated with much exuberance by the tiny tots at. The students of primary virtually presented a special assembly on Diwali.

The mesmerising dance performance by the students brought forth the festive fervour. Dressed in vibrant colourful outfit with a cherubic smile, the children looked adorable. They gave the message of green Diwali through the skit presented by them. The senior students made colourful Rangoli patterns and decorated their homes with strings and diyas. The teachers extended their heartiest greetings and shared guidelines for being safe.

Gaiety marked the celebration of Children's Day, the birth anniversary of the beloved Cha Cha of children Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, at St Froebel School. To make the day very special for the children a special assembly was conducted. Students recited poems and sang songs on Pt. Nehru. Students were informed about the relevance and the importance of the day. They were encouraged to follow the ideals of Pt Nehru. In her address the Principal threw light on the life and achievements of Pt Nehru and advised the students to follow his teachings. The excitement continued with plethora of activities. It was a day when fun and frolic dominated the rigour of academics.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of middle school on November 19, 2021 to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The students prepared a medley of activities on this occasion. Students chanted the Mool Mantra 'Ek Onkar' from Guru Grantha Sahib. A short skit highlighting the importance of Langar was presented by the students. The students were informed about the significance of Gurupurab. A pious atmosphere was created by the Shabad sung by the children. It was a spiritual morning that taught everyone that one should follow the right path of Sewa to seek the blessings of almighty.. A sense of peace and tranquility filled the air.

On the occasion of Christmas, SFS organised various activities for students of all classes. The celebration commenced with the online prayer meeting. The students of primary school organised a special assembly. They exhibited their talents through songs and dance performances. The atmosphere reverberated with melody of carols. The significance of the festival was explained to the students by their teachers. The students understood the importance of caring and sharing and spreading goodness all around.Students participated in many activities related to Christmas such as making snowman and Santa face. A virtual Christmas party was also organised for the students of Pre-School to class V. Students danced to joyful tunes. The children spread cheer with their smiles and lovely attire.

St. Froebel School, Paschim Vihar celebrated the 73rd Republic Day with great pride, reverence, fervour and zeal on 25 January 2022. The ceremony began with hoisting of tricolour flag by the management members accompanied by the Principal Dr. Neeraj Vohra. Flag hoisting was followed by the National Anthem. Limited staff were present in the school for flag hoisting ceremony. The virtual celebration commenced with the address to the students by the principal. The cultural celebration in the virtual platform included recorded dance, music and talks by the students. The students of Primary School presented soulful songs and dance performance to celebrate the monumental day The students of Senior School prepared presentations showcasing the history and significance of Republic Day. The splendid show presented by the students intended to give the message of integrity, harmony and brotherhood in the present day. The celebration was an initiative to change the mindset of the people towards tolerance, peace and living in a state free of all social evils. The Principal while addressing the students expressed pride in the rich cultural heritage of India. She urged all to work with honesty and dedication. Indeed it was a day of elation and a day of expressing gratification and showing respect to the Nation.

The month of February brought a palpable air of excitement with the advent of spring. St. Froebel celebrated Vasant Panchami with heart warming devotion. A special assembly was organised by PS, PP and Primary students. The celebration commenced by paying obeisance to Ma Saraswati
the goddess of knowledge, learning, art and music. It was followed by divine rendition of Saraswati Vandana. These was a splash of yellow all around. The colour yellow signifies the season of spring. Brilliant dance performance, poem recitation, flute recital, chanting of shlokas by students mesmerised everyone. Dr Neeraj Vohra, the principal of the school appreciated the efforts made by the students. The ambience of tranquility and worship helped the students to understand the culture and customs of India and to stay in touch with it.

With frenzied mood and great avidity, the students of class XI threw a bash to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII batch 2021-22 on 5th February 2022. The fiesta was dedicated to the indelible golden time spent together with friends and teachers and to reminisce the joyous moment. The young girls sashayed around in their vibrant sarees while the boys looked dashing their formal suits. The cultural programme showcased multiple talents of class XI students. The jesting comical performance filled every heart with humour. Self composed poems presented a glimpse of the years spent by Bonhomies (Class XII) in school and their mischiefs. Different titles were awarded to different students. The prime attraction of the event was Mr. and Ms. Froebel pageant 2022.Students from class XII competed against each other. The valediction party held for class XII students of SFS was high on the fun quotient. The seniors enjoyed the special day to the hilt.