Principal's Message

"Sound Foundation for Success"

Our school works on the principles of Frederich Froebel, a German pedagogue who gave modern system of education based on the recognition that children have unique needs and capabilities.

Every child coming into the world, is endowed with certain talents and capabilities, some openly visible and some hidden and latent. This is what makes every child a unique individual. It is the responsibility of the grown-ups to provide opportunities and means for developing the visible talents up to their optimum level and to unearth the hidden ones and bring them to the fore. Thus, St. Froebel School provides sound foundation for success of its students.

The tragedy afflicting most societies is that this vital component of development is neglected causing massive wastage of God given talents and potential. Nations which have paid attention to this aspect are better-off and called progressive and developed whereas those which have neglected this aspect are still called under developed.

Thus, education boils down to unearthing the talents and helping in the development of human resources to the optimum level as per the permitted social norms and the needs of the society. This is the most precious wealth of the nation and can be wasted only at our peril. Education is the most potent tool to achieve all around development of the child's personality, education becomes an agent of change and new and unseen talents are discovered and developed.

We at St. Froebel School consider it our most fundamental function to ensure development of all aspects of the personality of our students be it intellectual, physical, emotional, social and cultural with major emphasis on happiness quotient.

For us, the content of education decides as to what the personnel, the infrastructure, the learning material, the equipment and the atmosphere would be most conducive to teaching the content.

Apart from the prescribed curriculum the teaching of values gets the pride of place in our scheme of things. No education is complete without imbibing of our rich values which ultimately determine the character of the individual. The prominent values emphasized by the school are creativity, discipline, respect for elders, politeness, good manners, co-operation, empathy, concentration and focused attitude. We believe that the values are not taught. They are learnt in the school by practicing them in the day-to-day school activities.

Thus, froebelians turn out to be holistically developed, well-groomed and balanced citizens of the country who are fit in all aspects to take the country to the higher pedestal and making a prominent place in the globalized, hi-tech future world.

Jai Hind
Dr. Neeraj Vohra