Trips & Excursions

Fun, Frolic and Adventure

Picnic is a word that brings smiles on the jaded faces of the students who just want to get away from the confines of the classroom and want to swirl and whirl with the free wind. The students from classes VI to XII were taken to Surajgarh Farm Gurgaon. They experienced leisurely ride of camels' gait, bullock cart ride and various adventurous activities. They relished traditional Indian delicacies. It was a great opportunity for them to have a glimpse of the amalgamation culture of Haryana and Rajasthan in the architecture of Surajgarh.

Rocksport Programme was organised for the junior students. This adventure education provided a great platform to unleash their inner strength and imbibed new skills. The plethora of activities offered at camp posed sufficient challenges according to the age and level of the students while providing a memorable and fun experience. They learnt to overcome fears, value of teamwork.

Students from VII to XII and 8 teachers went on a three days trip to Jim Corbett Park. Various activities were organised for the students. They enjoyed scrumptious food. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.