Let me observe and learn

The goal of education should be to encourage and activate the child's own natural desire to learn. Self - efficacy is an important determinant in successfully attempting a task. In the area of education, self-efficacy plays a crucial role in causing behavioural changes, resulting in enhanced performance over the course of learning.
The Maths lab provides the students a place to engage in hands-on learning and explore mathematical concepts while having fun at the same time. The students get the opportunities to engage in activity based learning and they are able to comprehend the abstract concepts of Maths using specially designed tools. Here, the visual and kinaesthetic learning styles facilitate learning.
Let me observe lab
Here the students get the opportunity to work collaboratively to find answers to their questions.The students learn various scientific phenomena thereby retain the concepts for a longer period of time . Learning By Doing involves careful observations and analysis. They are able to connect their learning to real life situations . The students actively engage themselves in scientific explorations.