The infirmary and sick bay are equipped with all necessary facilities to address the immediate health needs of the students while they are in school. The school infirmary is looked after by a qualified nurse. SFS has qualified and experienced medical staff to emphasise on maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness and conducting periodical medical checkup to monitor health and fitness to ensure proper medical care for all students.
Parents should inform the school authorities regarding the children with special needs. Special attention can be paid to the concerned child.
Students suffering from infectious diseases such as Conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, Scabies, Chickenpox, etc should not be sent to school until they have fully recovered.
Students suffering from chronic disease are advised to be under continuous supervision of a doctor. The history of their illness must be filled in the almanac along with the treatment and names medicine prescribed by the doctor. Parents are also advised to keep the school nurse informed of any medical health problem.